Advanced Skyblock islands





This build pack is meant to be used as starter islands (single or multiple island setup) on Minecraft Skyblock multiplayer servers. (Java Edition)

These islands are packed with numerous creative additions which will for sure spark your players creativity and inspire them to build and expand their Skyblock islands. Almost each island comes with a house and plenty of resources for players. I am sure these islands will make the start on your Skyblock server a lot more enjoyable.

Included 21 beautiful islands in various sizes. (approx. 10-10 to 40×30)

Various themes:
– Plains (difficulty: easy).
– Desert (difficulty: normal).
– Ice (difficulty: harder).
– Fantasy (difficulty: easy).
– Christmas (difficulty: normal) One island for Christmas events on your server!

Each island contains dirt (slightly hidden on Ice and Desert islands), leaves, pot with sapling, water (or ice and torches) and a food source. The larger the island the more food it has. Some ores are also placed. (iron and coal, amount: 3-15 depending on size of the island)

Due to various skyblock plugins (various requirements) I have not implemented island center block and player spawn block. Therefore you will have to place those yourself.

More pictures:
Advanced Skyblock picture gallery
3D preview:
Need even more Skyblock islands? (link)

How will I receive the build I purchased?

On Checkout page you will be asked to type in your email and after successful purchase you will receive email with purchase details and link to download .zip file that contains text file with instructions and a schematic file. Schematic file you will receive is compatible with Minecraft Java edition. Please also note that this build is being sold non-exclusively. Which means that other people can also purchase this build and use on their Minecraft server.

If you experience any issues with pasting the file on your server please look into FAQ/Questions section. And if none of the answers there helps then you are always welcome to contact me.

Also please note that the download limit is set to 5. But if you ever lose access to download email or need more “download times” feel free to contact me.