Some of the most common questions are answered below.
For technical issues more detailed guide on how to use and paste schematics can be found here: Extended guide

 How will I receive the build I purchased?

On the Checkout page you will be asked to type in your email and after successful purchase you will receive an email with purchase details and a link to download a .zip file that contains a text file with some instructions and a schematic file. (or multiple schematic files (for 1.8-1.12 and 1.13+)

I made the purchase but did not receive the product download email.

Check your Spam folder. If it is not there please contact me via Contact form and I’ll look into that ASAP. You might have simply mistyped your email address and the email with the download link bounced or was sent to someone else. The average response time is under 12h.

❓ What is a non-exclusive build?

It means that this build can be bought by anyone. And it is not exclusive creation available only on your server. But considering that there are probably hundreds of thousand other Minecraft servers all around the world the chances that you might find the same build on another server are fairly small.

ℹ️ I don’t know how to use schematic files.

Not to worry. Because a short guide on where to place the file and how to load it in-game is included in the .zip file you receive after purchase. But if you have more questions here is an Extended Guide on how to use and paste .schem/.schematic files. Also, you are always welcome to contact me via the Contact form if you have any questions or issues. 🙂

? My server cannot find the schematic file.

First of all, make sure you are correctly typing the name of the schematic file. If this doesn’t seem to help remove the schematic from server files, rename it to something short and easy to remember like words – one or two and try to paste it again.

Server crashes when I execute //paste command.

Larger schematics require a lot of server resources so to reduce the load on the server first try to use the command //paste -a this will tell the server to skip all air (invisible blocks). If it still crashes you have to use plugin FAWE. You can find it here on Spigot resources. ( It’s the same WorldEdit but much much faster when it comes to performing large tasks including pasting in Minecraft builds as schematic files. With this plugin and command //paste -a you should have no trouble pasting even large-scale builds on your server.

You can also import the .schem/.schematic file directly into your world using Amulet Editor.

Additionally here is an Extended guide on how to paste .schem files.

Can I use the build/schematic file on MCPE/Bedrock server?

Yes & No. .schematic/.schem files are intended for use only on Java Minecraft servers. However, yes it is possible to convert and get the .schematic/.schem file in Bedrock compatible worlds but unfortunately, at the moment I do not offer such services so if you decide to purchase any build for use on a Bedrock server make sure you know how to paste and convert the files yourself (it’s not hard to do, just takes a bit of time. Feel free to refer to YouTube for tutorials and look up Amulet Editor.)

NB! Also, please make sure your Bedrock server software is compatible with vanilla Bedrock worlds.

✔️ Can I use the artwork (pictures/build renders) in my project to showcase the builds?

Generally, I am fine with it as long as you use common sense: Don’t give any impression you created said build (and/or render), don’t use it to advertise any services or projects that are not using my builds, etc. If you are unsure feel free to send me a message.