Extended guide on how to use, paste .schem and .schematic files on Minecraft server.

This is an extended guide created by MrAniman2 for Minecraft build shop McBuildShop.com. Article will describe how to load, paste, update schematic and schem files on Minecraft server or world.

Table of contents

  1. FastAsyncWorldEdit plugin (suggested/most popular option) – [ https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/fast-async-worldedit-voxelsniper.13932/ ]
  2. WorldEdit plugin – [ https://dev.bukkit.org/projects/worldedit ]
  3. //fast It is FAWE/WorldEdit command
  4. McEdit [ http://www.mcedit.net/ ]
  5. Amulet Editor (suggested/most popular option for newest worlds) – [ https://www.amuletmc.com/ ]
  6. World Save
    . . .
  7. Old .schemtic files and how to update them for 1.13+ servers.

1. —- FAWE ( FastAsyncWorldEdit plugin) —- Support depends on the server/plugin version

The most common way on how to paste the schematic file on your server is using FAWE plugin (FastAsyncWorldEdit) https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/fast-async-worldedit-voxelsniper.13932/
This usually is the best option since it’s very lightweight and combining with //paste -a command you can paste large builds even on small servers without putting too much load on the server. But, make sure the plugin is updated and fully compatible with your server version.

How to paste .schem and .schematic files using FastAsyncWorldEdit:
  1. After you have successfully installed FAWE plugin…
  2. Place the schematic file in your plugins folder>FastAsyncWorldEdit>schematics (if there is no such folder – create it)
  3. Go in-game and type [//schematic load (name of the schematic)]
  4. Locate a good spot where you want to paste your build.
  5. Type [//paste -a]. This ensures the build is being pasted without air blocks and reduces load on your server.

    Tip: Always when possible try to use //paste -a instead of //paste. If build doesn’t show up after pasting do //undo and fly 50 blocks up and do //paste -a again… in case the build is pasted below you in the ground.

2. —- WorldEdit plugin —- Support depends on the server/plugin version

World edit is pretty much the same as FAWE plugin but WorldEdit is less powerful when it comes to pasting schem and schematic files. But from my experience in some cases, WorldEdit is more reliable than FAWE plugin. In conclusion for smaller edits WorldEdit is good but for large edits, it might not cut it.

The schematic pasting process is pretty much the same as for FAWE plugin (look above) with a small exception – in your server files instead of FastAsyncWorldEdit>schematics folders there will be WorldEdit>schematics folders.

But in case there is no schematics folder the easiest way to create it is to log on your server, select a small region with //wand or //pos1, //pos2, then do //copy and [//schematic save test]. This will create the folder where it needs to be along with the schematic named “test” you just saved. Also, make sure the plugin is updated and fully compatible with your server version.

3. —- //fast command —-

//fast is FAWE/WorldEdit command, you need to have one of these plugins on your server in order to use the command. This command is used if your server cannot quite handle the //paste -a command and crashes but is still able to load the schematic file with //schematic load. In this case, you can limit how many blocks are being calculated by the server and paste the schematic slowly piece by piece.

  1. Place the schematic in your server files as you would normally do (see FAWE ( FastAsyncWorldEdit plugin) guide above if you are not sure how to do it)
  2. Then do: //schematic load (name of the schematic). If your server loads the file and doesn’t crash, great! Proceed to step 3.
  3. Type in //fast into the chat.
  4. After that: //limit 100000 (this will limit how many blocks will be handled by the server the next time you will run //paste -a command).
  5. Type in //paste -a.
  6. I would suggest not to fly around but keep standing on the same block until the whole build has been pasted.
  7. Repeat step 4. but increasing the block limit to //limit 200000 and do //paste -a again.
  8. And again repeat step 4. but increasing the block limit to //limit 300000 and do //paste -a again.
  9. Repeat these steps until the whole build has been pasted.
  10. Do //fast to disable fast mode.

4. —- McEdit —- Supports only up to 1.12 (Java)

McEdit is a 3rd party software. It was very useful 5 or so years ago. Unfortunately, since then it hasn’t been updated much. Personally I would suggest using the older version/style McEdit – version v1.5.6.0. It works great for up to and including Minecraft 1.12. There is 2.0 McEdit but I prefer to use v1.5.6.0 and update the worlds in single-player if I have a need for it.

How to paste .schematic files using McEdit:
  1. You will have to create 1.12.2 single-player world. (If you are using v1.5.6.0 McEdit, newer Minecraft versions might work with McEdit 2.0 but you have to test it yourself);
  2. Close Minecraft and open McEdit. Press “Quick load” or “Open” to open world.
  3. Use WASD, Lshift, space and “right mouse click” to move.
  4. Select “import” button on your action bar (6th picture from left) and locate .schematic file you want to import.
  5. With “left mouse click” place it in approx. position you want the build to be.
  6. Then on the left side of the screen find a green button “Nudge”, press and hold the left mouse click on it, and using WASD, Lshift, space move the build in the exact position. It takes a bit of practice but it’s not hard once you understand it. There are extra options you can enable/disable on the left side of your screen like “copy air/biomes” etc. Depending on the situation you might want to uncheck “Copy Air”.
  7. Once you are happy with where the build is press “Import”
  8. When it has been imported press “Ctrl+S” to save the edits into the world.

5. —- AMULET EDITOR —- Supports all from 1.12+ (Java), 1.7+ (Bedrock)

McEdit is a bit outdated and if you intend to use the build on newer servers (1.16+) Amulet Editor is the way to go. It works very similarly to McEdit.

6. —- World save —-

When all fails you can request me to paste it for you. It is quite time consuming and 99% of times it can be avoided if you follow all the instructions in this article. But if you really cannot manage to paste .schem/.schematic file I want to assure you that I am always here, and you are welcome to request my help any time.

7. —- Old .schematic files and how to update them for 1.13+ servers —-

Minecraft update from 1.12 to 1.13 had lots of major changes and schematic files saved prior to 1.13 might not be fully compatible with newer server and/or plugin versions (most issues arises with 1.15+ servers)

If you try to paste 1.8-1.12 schematic file on 1.13+ server (often 1.15+ servers have this issue) it might not always work… In some cases all you would need to do is specify the type of the schematic (/schematic load (type) (schematic name). Example: /schematic load mcedit (schematicname) and of course //paste -a

If this doesn’t help you have to update the schematic file, I would suggest doing it this way:

  1. Setup 1.12 server and paste the schematic (or do it with McEdit);
  2. Download the map, open it in single-player 1.12 and carefully load all the chunks of the build;
  3. Then launch 1.13+ single player and open the world to convert chunks from 1.12 to 1.13+;
  4. Again carefully load all the chunks of the build and make sure everything is ok;
  5. If everything looks good you can proceed to update the world further, for example to 1.16 by closing the game launching single-player 1.16, and opening your 1.13 world.
  6. When you have reached and updated the map to your desired Minecraft version (1.16+ e.g.) you can upload the world to your 1.16+ server, select the build with FAWE/WorldEdit plugin and save it as a schematic. To do it: select the whole build with //wand or //pos1, //pos2, do //copy and //schematic save (name).

If this is not an option for you or seems like a lot of work you can try to update the server to 1.16+(the version you need) right after you pasted the schematic on 1.12 server and skip all the downloading and single player converting but this is not 100% guaranteed to work properly with every server software out there/in the future (Spigot, CraftBukkit, TacoSpigot, etc.).