RPG / Survival Exploration map – Nighthorn Valley





This map is most suitable for Minecraft RPG servers. It is a large valley. There are two towns, four villages and multiple smaller points of interest (organics- water creatures, random houses and other structures) Main purpose for this build could be for RPG style servers as it provides a lot of explorable area but of course this map is also suitable for all kinds of minigames and survival games. There are 150+ houses and all of them have interior.

Please note:
– Interior decoration is fairly basic (so depending on the purpose this map will be used for you might have to be prepared to add some extra interior decorations) but I think for general use on Minecraft RPG or survival servers it should be fine.
– Build is a valley, like a bowl and the outside of the bowl/perimeter is not terraformed well so you should be prepared to do it yourself if you will need it.

This is a huge build (approx: 1250 x 650 x 200 (height) blocks)
Upon purchase you will receive .zip file with multiple schematic files inside. For 1.12, 1.13+ and two 1.12 split schematics (if you cannot paste the whole build in one go)

Please be aware of and do some research on how to paste such large builds. Try pasting similar size schematics on your server before making the purchase! This is fairly advanced so make sure you are able to handle and paste such large schematic files before you make the purchase!

I have personally been able to paste it on 1.12.2 500mb server but for less experienced person with handling schematic files I would suggest to use McEdit.
Let’s assume you would want to get it on 1.14.4 server:
– First, using McEdit (it’s really easy to do it) paste the schematic in pre-generated 1.12.2 singleplayer world and save it.
– Then load the world on your 1.12.2 singleplayer, load all chunks of the build and check everything in-game.
– If all seems good then load the same save game in singleplayer 1.14.4 version of MC (to convert the world) and again load every chunk of the build and check everything.
– If everything looks good upload the save game on your server and load it according to your world management plugin.

If you are planning to use FAWE for pasting the schematic then command //paste -a is mandatory… and more than 2gb RAM would be highly recommended! And I would probably advise you to not try to get it on 1.13+ servers as generally it requires more resources to run 1.13+ server but instead try to paste it on 1.12 server and later update it to 1.13+, more info on how to do it is available here.
Optionally you can also use //fast, more info on how it works is here.


I’ll also include sort instruction on how to paste the build in .zip you receive after purchase but it’s preferred (I would say it’s almost mandatory that you know how to handle such large schematics before you make the purchase).

If you run into issues you are always welcome to contact me but please be prepared to do the terrain merging and terraforming around the build yourself as this is very large map and unfortunately I cannot do it for everyone…


EXTRA PiCTURES: https://imgur.com/a/MWgiGHQ


How will I receive the build I purchased?

On Checkout page you will be asked to type in your email and after successful purchase you will receive email with purchase details and link to download .zip file that contains text file with instructions and a schematic file. Schematic file you will receive is compatible with Minecraft Java edition. Please also note that this build is being sold non-exclusively. Which means that other people can also purchase this build and use on their Minecraft server.

If you experience any issues with pasting the file on your server please look into FAQ/Questions section. And if none of the answers there helps then you are always welcome to contact me.

Also please note that the download limit is set to 5. But if you ever lose access to download email or need more “download times” feel free to contact me.