Fantasy spawn – The Island of Dr Moreau





This fantasy spawn build can be used on Minecraft SG, PVP, RPG, Survival and possibly even on faction servers.

Map features fantasy and medieval themed structures and truly unique teraforming style. Perfect spawn area if you want to provide large and beautiful area for your players to explore. It’s well made map with various caves and houses (with interior) if you want to use it for SG or RPG server. I would advise to paste this build in the water/ocean and afterwards select the region and do [//setbiome jungle], jungle biome will give it more beautiful and contrasting colors.

Things included:
– Designed spawn platform;
– Small shop area
– 3 small info boards;
– Many unique houses in various themes
– Interior is done for 70% of the houses (mostly it’s 1 small room in each house);
– Area for few crates;
– Multiple underground tunnels; (there are skulls near the exits/entrances)
– Portal;
– And many more beautiful features.


Extra pictures you can view here:
3D preview:

How will I receive the build I purchased?

On Checkout page you will be asked to type in your email and after successful purchase you will receive email with purchase details and link to download .zip file that contains text file with instructions and a schematic file. Schematic file you will receive is compatible with Minecraft Java edition. Please also note that this build is being sold non-exclusively. Which means that other people can also purchase this build and use on their Minecraft server.

If you experience any issues with pasting the file on your server please look into FAQ/Questions section. And if none of the answers there helps then you are always welcome to contact me.

Also please note that the download limit is set to 5. But if you ever lose access to download email or need more “download times” feel free to contact me.